By Pervin J. Mistry

The concept and worship of Fire as taught by Asho Zarathushtra is unique to our Religion. Fire is called Asha Vahishta, an Ameshaspand who is of One Accord with Ahura Mazda. Fire is also Adar Yazad. It is the only Divinity which is both an Ameshaspand as well as a Yazad. We are taught that the physical world "gaethya" is the outcome of the spiritual world "mainyava"; the two worlds being inseparably linked to each other as spirit to matter. The two worlds being interlinked, the physical Fire is but a reflection of His Spiritual Fire. Asha Vahishta (Ardibehesht Ameshaspand) is the Divine Energy of Ahura Mazda that pervades every atom of the Universe. It is the Source of all Creation, of Life itself. Asho Zarathushtra teaches that the Universe was created and exists due to Ahura Mazda's Radiant Energy (Fire) and in time, will be absorbed into the same Divine Energy that manifested it billions of years ago. Science acknowledges that the Universe (Earth too) was born out of a ball of Cosmic Fire in its primordial stages of Creation and at the end of time it will be consumed back into the Cosmic Fire. Punishment through molten metal at the end of Time is mentioned in ha 32.7 (Ahunavad Gatha). Fire as the Dispenser of Justice is expressly mentioned, repeatedly, in the Pak Avesta and especially in the Holy Gathas.

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